Tugas softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama / NPM : Diah Anggraini / 10208363

Excercise 37: Relative Clauses in page 138

  1. The record thatwas roduced by this company became gold record.
  2. Checking accounts, that require a minimum balance are very common now.
  3. The professor to whom you spoke yesterday is not here today.
  4. John whom grades are the highest in the school has received a scholarship.
  5. Felipe bought the camera that has three lenses.
  6. Frank is the man whom we are going to nominate for the office of treasurer.
  7. The doctor is with the patient whom leg was broken in an accident.
  8. Jane is the woman whom is going to China next year.
  9. Janet wants a typewriter that self-corrects.
  10. This book I found that last week contains some useful information.
  11. Mr. Bryant whom team has lost the game looks very sad.
  12. James wrote an article that indicated he disliked the president.
  13. The director of the program whom graduated from Harvard University is planning to
    retire next year.
  14. This is the book thatI have been looking for this book all year.
  15. William whom brother is a lawyer wants to become a judge.

Excercise 38: Relative Clauses Reduction in page 139

  1. George is the man chosento represent the committee at the convertion
  2. All of the money acceptedhas already been released
  3. The papers on the table belong to Patricia
  4. The man brought to the police station confessed to the crime
  5. The girl drinking coffee is Mary Allen
  6. John’s wife a professor has written several papers on this subject
  7. The man talkingto the policeman is my uncle
  8. The book on the top shelf is the one that I need
  9. The number of students countedis quite high
  10. Leo Evans a doctor eats in this restaurant every day





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